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Updated: May 16

Mom and I learned how to make Paella in Barcelona back in 2019. We went to a cooking class where we learned how to make Paella, Catalonia Cream, and Sangria. If you want to learn how to cook local dishes when you travel, take a cooking class. It makes you appreciate your trip even more when you get hands-on experience cooking amazing foods.

Paella has a lot of steps that go into making it, but once you get the broth in, you don't touch it until it's done. Of course, the Spanish Supper Club paella didn't get its picture taken since we were too busy talking, so this picture is from 2022 Christmas Eve dinner.


- Olive oil

- Garlic cloves

- Onion, chopped

- Snow peas

- Tomatoes

- Boneless chicken thighs

- Bomba rice

- Rosemary stems

- Bay leaves

-Chicken broth

- Shrimp

- Saffron

- Paprika


- Light the small inside burner on low heat

- Salt the pan + add liberal amount of olive oil

- When oil is hot, add a head of garlic in the center of the pan. Sautee for 5 minutes

- Add in onion + cook until translucent

- Add in shrimp + paprika + cook until pink (not fully cooked)

- Remove shrimp from pan + place in separate bowl

- Add in chicken thighs + cook until almost done (it stays in pan for the remainder of the time

- Add in snow peas + grated tomatoes + mix

- Add rice to pan + mix thoroughly

- Heat chicken broth before adding into pan. Once heated, add to pan + DO NOT STIR ONCE BROTH IS IN PAN

- Turn on second burner

- Once boiling, add saffron (a healthy pinch + sprinkle all over)

- Add rosemary stems + bay leaves

- Use a wooden spoon only to check if rice is finished (about 30 minutes)

- With 5 minutes left, add shrimp back into pan

-Before serving, remove rosemary stems


- We purchased this stand cooker from Amazon which runs around $160. You get the pan + stand, so you do have to have your own propane gas tank + hose to connect to the cooker. This stand has two burner rings which we highly recommend getting instead of one ring.

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