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When we did the Spanish Supper Club, we clearly had to make Sangria. We found a basic recipe, but altered it to how we felt it should be made. We may have gone a little heavy on the OJ and sliced oranges, but the more the merrier (we think).

We were making a large batch for about 12 women, so we used 4 bottles of wine, an entire container of OJ, 4 apples, and 4 oranges. We added in more sugar when needed. Some recipes called for Brandy, but we didn't add any in this batch. The picture below was pulled from Google since we were too busy to take pictures of the batch we made...


- 1 apple

- 1 orange

- 1.5 C orange juice

- 1 bottle of red wine


- Add apples, oranges + sugar to a large pitcher + muddle with a muddler for about 45 seconds

- Add orange juice + muddle for another 30 seconds

- Add red wine + stir, then taste + adjust flavor if necessary

- Add ice + stir once more to chill. Serve as is or with more ice. Garnish with orange slices

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