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Spanish Supper Club

If you aren't from the South, you don't know just how hot the month of August can be down here. So, why would we not choose to do paella outside? This month's Supper Club unfortunately felt rushed in a way with a lot going on in the weeks and days leading up to the dinner, but we still persevered through!


We made red sangria which was so simple and easy to make! All it requires is cheap red wine, orange juice, sliced oranges and apples, and sugar. For this batch, we left the Brandy out, but that's definitely an option to add in!


We decided to throw in a Mexican flare to the evening with a queso, salsa, and homemade guacamole bar. We think having the option to allow people to put their own toppings on on their food is a great idea. Plus, Lara found super cute little guac bowls that people could use as bowls on Amazon!


We made a beautiful paella with chicken. It's easy to stick with one protein that people will eat, but also that can be easily picked out if someone doesn't like it. Paella is surprisingly easy to make even though there are multiple steps involved in making it.

Merrill's grandmother had a delicious Mexican Cornbread recipe from years and years ago and we made that for a side. Technically, Mary Lynne made them for us, but we all "pitched" in!

Dinner was clearly way too yummy, so we forgot to take pictures of the entree and side. That's how you know it was good!

Maria did snap a pic of her plate, so all is not lost!


Lara was tasked with making the churros. She took on the task of making them from scratch and she ran with it and ran all the way to the bank.


Until next time from the Hostess with the Mostess.

Love, Lara + Merrill

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